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Several days ago I came across an interesting hashtag – #liveformusic, and it turns out to be a motto which is followed by the Marshall Amps, that is producing music amplifiers, headphones and that kind of things. These three words mean much more than it may seem at first sight.

They can be used if music is a whole life for you, if you are crazy about everything related to music, if you are ready to do everything to make music, if when listening to music you understand that all your troubles take a back seat, if music lives in your soul and heart.


That is why I felt really inspired to create an outfit under the motto mentioned above.

I think that the best way to reflect the tagline in question is to wear clothes I feel most comfortable and confident in. I’ve chosen a pretty cozy white sweatshirt with an eye-catching print and black long sleeves. I’ve complemented it with a pair of black skinny jeans, which is really comfy and allows me to move easily. To complete the look I’ve also added a pair of pretty cute grey sneakers with spikes and studs on the side and a black mini bag that despite its small size has enough room for a handy, a wallet, a lipstick and a pocket mirror. As I speak about music and things related to it my outfit would be incomplete without a pair of super cool headphones by Marshall.

You may have a question why black is the main color of my outfit. The reason behind this choice is that I associate black as well as music with something infinite in time and space. But I’ve diluted black with white, grey and even red. That’s why my outfit doesn’t appear too dark. As final touches to my look I’ve used a cute pair of earrings and a pretty chic red lipstick.

I hope that all thoughts and ideas I shared in my post will be useful and inspiring for you. 

Outfit items

sweatshirt – Tally Weijl (same style here) / jeansTally Weijl / sneakers – Converse (same style here) / bag – Moschino (close one here) / headphonesMarshall / earrings – Swarovski (in different colour)

Make-up by Dorothea Beauty

Lipstick – Catrice 310 Red My Lips

Nail polish – KIKO Nail Lacquer in 507

This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. Everything featured in this post I’ve bought with my own money.

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