Dorothea Look Book

Hello everyone!

My name is Sophie and I genuinely love everything about fashion. The style you can choose and stick to. The outfit you can put together to reflect your distinction.

The inspiration you can find in everything related to fashion.

Clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories you can use to create a look. Modern trends you can keenly keep up with. History you can immerse yourself in to find something impressive and inspiring. The people who take an active part in creating something fashionable and stylish.

I am deeply curious about color combinations, which depend on the lifestyle you follow, you way of thinking, the feelings you want to express and you’re having at the moment. Although there is a definitively stated theory how to combine colors, each time I feel greatly interested while mixing clothes of different shades and patterns, because I try to estimate how well one color works with the other, define which color can be used as the main one, which one – as an accent to other colors, which one can strengthen the brightness of other shades, which one has the reverse effect. To put it shortly, colors play such a great role for me while I’m creating looks.

I take a passionate interest in putting together outfits that could be stylish and interesting not only today, but within a year or two. The philosophy I stick to is to try to build my wardrobe without short-lived clothes and accessories. But it doesn’t mean that my closet consists only of basic or classic things.

I’m fond of creating looks by gaining inspiration out of everything that catches my eye – it may be a song or a hashtag or even my excitement about a pair of high heels which makes me build my outfit around it. And if I decide to follow any modern fashion trend, I’ll do my best to make the most of it by using what is on trend and adding what reflects my distinction.

And you know what is really important – my family that supports me and my crazy ideas, my sister Dorothea ( , whose belief encourages me to create this blog that allows me to share my outfit ideas and thoughts with you. And what is more I can’t do without her help in taking photos – she manages to do it pretty cool! I really appreciate her support. And I’m sure that in future you will be able to read posts with her participation as well.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog.

I really appreciate it!

❤ ❤ ❤

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