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Fall in soothing hues

Fewer sunny days, more dull days, low temperature, much work to do, vacation far behind – all these things are the stress factors. That’s why it’s necessary to find new ways how to reduce stress that comes with fall days. If I feel inspired to put together an outfit in colours that might help to relieve […]

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Faux fur for fall

One of the most essential fall wardrobe pieces is a faux fur vest. It is an appropriate item for fall due to its weather versatility: no sleeves mean that you can wear more or less warm sweater underneath. And it gives a chic edge to any look too. Today I’ve put together a casual fall […]

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Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit

After having rewatched some movies starring Audrey Hepburn I felt inspired by the style of such a gorgeous actress and tried to recreate the outfit reflecting the fashion tendencies prevalent in the early 1950s. Since that moment I’ve been thinking over the concept and details of my new romantically elegant look. I’ve decided to build […]

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